Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cbox getting all kind of spam

I started to notice my cbox is getting a lot of spam link and yes towards those blog who wants to generate a lot of money. They work day and night visiting your blogs, website and anywhere with a cbox then paste a comment there.

What is cbox? er.. wait…  cbox is “Click Here” there you go. Anyway I hope most of you guys there a doing a good job reporting it from cbox control panel.  As it is just few simple clicks, If you see anything like this on your cbox chat box… er.. ok nvm cbox only like this:


See all those message? If they were my friends or maybe real visitor I would not mind but this… they are even using my favorite porn star Maria Ozawa!!!!! to msg me. This people should be banned or maybe their advertising company should close their account. I hope Nuffnang is not one of them because this is getting really annoying.

Anyway I hope most of you guys will report them on the cbox and hope their link are banned from being use but they are using a short url service.. so not really much use of reporting them.. er.. nvm just report I show you how.

In your cbox panel, you will see a few tap. On the last tap with the Message button. Click on it then highlight on Message again then click on that. From there on you can View and delete messages and ban users using this form.  Just tick on the spam message all then click report it should be somewhere on the right top part just above the message box there. Then you should get a popup box like this:



Click on the picture above if you wish to view it a bit bigger, anyway then you can continue on deleting those message.


I hope you all do this.

9 Spam or critics..:

j_fish said...

I get alot of these too... --__________--lll and they're mostly from the same person using different names.

Adriel D.K said...

Yes and that person is still around doing it for some time now. :(

Anonymous said...

I've heard people combatting this by putting their ad links in auto-load software that causes their click through rates to inflate and gets them banned. LOL. It's ridiculous. I was considering getting a cbox for my website too, but... I'm not sure I could deal with all the spam.

andhye said...

very great information. does it make any different in indexing our blog if we install cbox in that web

Adriel D.K said...

if it is just me and you maybe no. But if it was all the blogger yes.

andhye said...


Erwin L. said...

I just figure out how to report them a few weeks ago. It worked for... say a week or so, and they hit back again. Not as many as they used to be, but now it's like 3-5 spam messages a day. I am so tire of it but cannot think of any alternative then Cbox. I deleted my Facebook account for privacy concern, and need a place on my blog to talk to people informally.
Glad I wasn't alone.

Adriel D.K said...

Hei Erwin, well the spammers are not something new. My old email address are full of them... not to mention my old msn messenger too!!! Can't do much about them other then just keep on reporting.

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