Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picnic trip?

Well went for a picnic trip last sunday with Alban they all. It was fun and well at lease we get to do some activities with some Alcohol haha...

From Left:
Janet, Emily, Griselda, Adriel, Alban, Leigh

So what have I been doing for the past few days.. well most of the time I am busy with work still and yes it is gonna be till end of this month. What are my plans? rest is 1 thing also got to find back all my customer old and new. As I have been too busy with work and they stopped calling me to repair their pc. I am still going to work but well something that is more to sales then technical if possible from now on. Because I find it really physically and mentally tiring to do a technical now days. I don't want to continue on doing something similar for the next few years, which is why I am got to change my job line now. I assume that I have enough experience for the moment well after being pressured so much by the boss & the so called VIP clients, I am sure anyone would have no problem dealing with a new one later on and not to mention meeting new people. Well then again then is always backup plans if what I choose to do did not happen.. :)

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Monday, December 15, 2008

msn messenger, yahoo messenger, & friendster virus?

As you log on into your friendster account you will notice a new Message. Well in the message which is from your friends has a link and some how after clicking it you end up sending a message without your knowledge. How does it works? well I don't want to find out but you see this kind of link:

(Subject: You can view my private photos.)

(Subject: wow)

(Subject: WOWW)

(Subject: W.O.W.)

(Subject: L O L)

(Subject: YAYYYYY)

Updates (23/12/08)
Most of you guys are posting some weird testimonials in friendster but I am not sure if you guys notice it or not. As you click the picture on the posted testimonial you be directed towards this website:

from here on I am not sure what will happen.. to make you guys post a testimonial (with out your knowledge).. :P

msn virus link:

I have remove the username above link.


(Contact) says:
(Contact) check out these awesome pics from the awesome party LOL   http://(myusernamehere).gone-wild-patry-pics.com
This comes with a combination of my username and my msn contact on the msg :\

yahoo spam msg?
maryellenzailisz (1/1/2009 5:39:43 AM): http://graceonfire%2eco%6d?eca>posa mpvsq

maxiezursalaz (12/26/2008 10:38:06 PM): http://graceonfire%2eco%6d?>oudirna mpr

rebecka_with_pics_in_profile2uz: http://haileyknows%2eco%6d?goofbaii

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Presant :D

After thinking about it I have finally bought something I think would worth for dawing haha.... what is it? Well not going to tell it till Christmas day on this blog.

Try and guess what is it :D

Anyway I have finally finished my marketing plan for Brunei Darussalam. It did took a while to do it and well not to mention doing all the research like back in college time. I would not say it is a full marketing plan since I don't have the needed information to make a real marketing plan more ever to do one actually take time and resource. I don't really understand why they asked me to make a marketing plan on the country. So with the limited information this is my result :

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Second Interview call

Well some time ago I went for a interview. As I saw the advertisement in Daily Express, where I just apply for it and then got a call saying I am being have been shortlisted for the interview. So during the interview they asked me to present myself. Where I just had to talk about myself and what have I been doing till that day. So after all that, the boss there told me I be called up after 2 or 3 weeks time for a second interview. But I did not expect to be called since I did not really present myself well and I did not know what to ask or what else to tell.

So as the weeks goes by I been offered a few and with no trust I did not take any of the bait. But yet go on with my resignation due to the stress I am facing in this current company I am working for. I am running away? well one would say so then again it is better for me to leave then wait for something to happen during my working time.

The client are all VIP's and I got my own responsibilities in the office, where I still have to make sure the staff get what they need and so on. More ever the Boss is there always changing our daily routine to his liking and making it more complicated for his staff to work. Not to mention customer is always right don't really work well with my boss. Where I find him very good at it haha... what kind of person would scold his own customer and ask them to wait. But then again all his customer are people with money and which is why I hate dealing with them because most of them do not want to deal with the low rank in a company and if possible only with the boss. Yes not all but I still don't like most of them till today.

Back to the topic, I was called up for a second interview from Royal Brunei this afternoon. Be going around next week, but before the interview they gave me a assignment to do. First I thought the lady who called me up said "do a assignment on how to promote royal brunei" where I repeated back what she asked and then after hearing for the second time... it was "do a assignment on how to promote brunei". So yes I do not know anything much about brunei other then the park I used to hear from my friends. Other then that... erm.. maybe the only Sultan (King) who (used to) have a golden toilet bowl... but I heard he sold that off already.. I think :\

Download the Proposal for "How to Promote Brunei"
Click here to Download

(Edited on 07/12/08 due to the typo)