Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Streamyx Fraud Mail

Well I receive a rather interesting mail today claiming someone have been trying to change my streamyx password. Here are the contain of it

From: help@streamyx.com
Subject: Dear streamyx.com User

Dear streamyx.com User,

We have noticed an unauthorized attempt to change your streamyx.com password from a foreign IP. This was going to result to your inability to access your account due to the password change. If you know you are the authorized owner of this account, kindly reply by providing your original username (*******) and PASSWORD (*******) so as to protect your ID and password from unauthorized access.

Failure to do this will violate the streamyx.com email terms & conditions.

Thanks for using streamyx.com

The streamyx.com Tech Support.
All content (c) Copyright The streamyx.com

I don't know what is this guy up to but then again he must be desperate to rip off peoples streamyx account detail. There are many way to get a hold people account and one of them is modem jacking. Where you access the modem and download its unencrypted config file, then opening up it with notepad to see the streamyx username and password. Well this is 1 of many other ways to do so, then again if you like to understand more on this kind of hacking I suggest you google up yourself for more information :)

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