Monday, June 1, 2009

Last post of Singapore Edison Chen A.K.A Gary Ng

Well for those of you who have been following my blog would known Gary Ng. Apparently he is going to stop posting all his personal sex video because of the complain he receive from all kind of hypocrites people and the media. Where this is what he said on this blog:

“I'm so sad & disappointed after seeing the Newspaper today after someone called & scolded me. Nothing can discribe how i feel now. I'm been scolded by peoples for ruining someone life, being wrongly accused of being a pimp & also even worse causing a family or a girl life to be in real difficulties. I just wanna write it here for my close friends who know me thru garyng174 to know what is the TRUTH.” Read more..

I guess he could not stand the pressure he is getting from everyone and yes it will effect his daily life. So he is planning to stop posting on his blog.

“Farewell guys!! garyng174 or Singapore Edison Chen will be gone from this last post. Everything i do are always wrong, i just wanna change to a better person but i need time to change what is in this blog previously. Since everyone doesn't allow me to change, i'll leave for good. As mention earlier, i had been doing up my own website. I'll shift everything there once its all done up by my website creator. Who can join ? I'll decide. But for sure my close buddy. Take care everyone!”Read more..


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