Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Real or Replica Breitling 1884 airwolf Watch

I went to the Philippine market with Griselda today and well she wanted to do something there. But while she was busy with her thing I saw a man standing holding a few watch for sell and 1 of them caught my eyes. I been wanting to get myself a watch and some how saw the watch there, 1 thing for sure I know he could not buy such watch and yes it is a branded watch. There was no manual, box, or what ever and just the watch itself. Here are some of the pictures:

P1010205 P1010206 P1010207 P1010208

It is one of the breitling airwolf series and well I am not really a fan or anything but it is still better then wearing a replica rolex watch. I could not find out which model is this so had a hard time trying to set it :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I am looking for a replica just like that but can't find one. You wanting to sell that one? Let me know