Thursday, June 4, 2009

Digi Broadband Package

Well for those Digi users especially in Kota Kinabalu would have notice Digi road show in few areas. At the moment they are trying to promote their broadband service and well I could say it be reasonable for the rich. Like just look at the package:



Advance payment: 1 month of the monthly fee (non-refundable).
Usage volume is calculated based on monthly bill cycle.
All speeds shown are average speeds which can be higher during non-peak hours.
Fair usage policy applies.
Stamp duty of RM10 applies and will be reflected in the first bill.

Well I am using streamyx also with tm hospot almost every where & also free wifi provided by most cafe. Why would you want to subscribe to this kind of service?

If you are a businessman or women, I would recommend you to apply for this service. As you need to travel and there are certain time when streamyx is just hopeless. So those so called free wifi, tm hotspot, yes they be down if the line is down again. If you are a Malaysian I am very sure you have subscribe to streamyx and have cursed during midnight either because of the slow connection or it is just down again for some odd unreasonable reason.

So if you are really interested but might have some question to ask, you check out my conversation with Digi custormer service in the D’Chat feature they have in the Digi OCS:

(9:30:10 pm) Your chat session has started..
(9:30:18 pm) DiGi CS: Hi, welcome to D'Chat. My Name is MELINDA AYU BINTI MUSTAFFA. How may I assist you?
(9:30:28 pm) Adriel D.K: Hi
(9:30:41 pm) DiGi CS: hi, good evening
(9:30:54 pm) Adriel D.K: I just want to ask few question regarding the 3g promotion you guys have now in kk
(9:31:05 pm) DiGi CS: ok
(9:31:21 pm) Adriel D.K: does the video call work now?
(9:32:15 pm) Adriel D.K: or it is just the 3g connection for broadband
(9:32:49 pm) DiGi CS: currently we have 3G service for digi broadband.
(9:32:58 pm) DiGi CS: 3G service for voice call is not available yet.
(9:33:24 pm) Adriel D.K: ah.. ok, but will it be available later on?
(9:34:40 pm) Adriel D.K: well nvm, at the moment i am using a digi postpaid so will I still be able to experience the 3g connection?
(9:34:47 pm) DiGi CS: hopefully it would be available later on until we receive official communication from the respective department.
(9:34:53 pm) Adriel D.K: oo ok
(9:35:32 pm) DiGi CS: for your phone number, currently you will can browse to internet using GPRS or EDGE connection
(9:35:58 pm) DiGi CS: you need to subscribe to digi broadband service in order to have 3G connection.
(9:36:45 pm) DiGi CS: you may find the below link regarding digi broadband service
(9:36:47 pm) DiGi CS:
(9:37:36 pm) Adriel D.K: Yes I was browsing around there just now and wanted some quick answers. Anyway I don't think I got any question left to ask
(9:38:01 pm) Adriel D.K: Thank you for answering my question
(9:38:22 pm) DiGi CS: Is there anything else I may help you with?
(9:38:29 pm) Adriel D.K: eh
(9:38:33 pm) Adriel D.K: oo almost forgot
(9:38:37 pm) DiGi CS: ok
(9:39:00 pm) Adriel D.K: if I subscribe to 1 of the package, can I use my phone as the modem?
(9:39:47 pm) Adriel D.K: As I usually use my phone sometimes to brows the internet or check email once in a while only
(9:41:27 pm) DiGi CS: yes, you can use your phone as the modem
(9:41:53 pm) Adriel D.K: will the speed be the same?
(9:41:55 pm) DiGi CS: if you dont want to subscribe the modem
(9:42:07 pm) DiGi CS: however, your phone have to support
(9:42:12 pm) DiGi CS: 3G service
(9:42:33 pm) Adriel D.K: yes
(9:42:35 pm) Adriel D.K: ah ok
(9:42:49 pm) Adriel D.K: That is all I guess, thanks for the answer :)
(9:42:58 pm) DiGi CS: if your phone can support 3G service than it shouldnt be any problem
(9:43:02 pm) DiGi CS: :)
(9:43:23 pm) DiGi CS: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
(9:43:25 pm) Adriel D.K: thank you again :)
(9:43:29 pm) Adriel D.K: I don't think there is anything else
(9:43:31 pm) DiGi CS: you're welcome
(9:43:31 pm) Adriel D.K: thanks :)
(9:43:48 pm) DiGi CS: :)
(9:43:57 pm) Thank you and have a nice day.

Sorry for the long post but I just don’t want to filter everything out and want you guys to read the whole log itself he he he :D

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