Thursday, June 25, 2009

The KillerBatch

I guess most of you guys thought I died or something but well I am still alive walking and yes sorry but I got a life too.. where I am working ;p

Anyway just few days ago KillerBatch webmaster Mr. Bakri emailed me and yes I did feel happy as I get to help out by linking their website and also being chosen to help out. So who exactly are KillerBatch?

Mr. Bakri the website gave a brief introduction about KillerBatch which I find it very good, here is what he said:

“We are working independently and not affiliated with anybody in power as we feel that its important to relay our feelings to the whole nation of Malaysia, from people to people , and show them reality on the ground. And we need to cultivate the culture of caring without barrier, irrespective of geographical location or religious beliefs.”

“Killerbatch is not a registered society and as such we do not have our own Killerbatch bank account. We are simply a loose coalition of people who went to school in MRSM Kulim from 1979 to 1983. To go around as Killerbatch and seek donations may invite skepticism from the public. Therefore we need a partner whom the public can trust as custody of the monies collected. In fact we strongly encourage that all cheques be made payable directly to Sabah Credit Corporation and not to any individual member of Killerbatch and not even to the PIBG of the school.”

I am giving support to KillerBatch where I try my best to help out with in my capability to support them and 1 way to support them is by blog mentions , or link exchange to support this charity effort.

I believe most of you guys would not know what kind of project are they doing right? But for your information they are currently building a hostel in Kiulu. Because of news regarding Donni John Duinn suicide. I am sure most of you heard about this news:

“Donni John Duin, an 11 year-old primary school boy, committed suicide in March, 2007. Teased by schoolchildren who likened his food, which was packed by his mother from home, as dog vomit.” Read More..

I too understand how he felt like after being teased by his friends more ever packed by this mother. Not everyone is lucky as you guys out there, where you get to have pocket money for school sometimes even enough to buy a brand new Mobile Phone.

Anyway KillerBatch guys have read about the news and this is how they decided to build this hostel in SK Tun Fuad Stephens, Kiulu, in his remembrance, so that everybody will remember and prevent that ( Donni's suicide) from happening again.

You can see the hostel's construction has already started and hopefully we can deliver it by end of the year:

Before -

Click on the picture Above

If any of you guys know anyone who is willing to support financially please do not hesitate to contact either 1 of this 3 people below:

Corporate Donation / CSR : Raja Ali Raja Othman 019-227 9977
Email :

Private Donation : Hasnan Jamaluddin 019-473 3519
Email :

Media Arrangement: Abdul Rahman Ghazali 013-332 0778
Email :

If you got anything to asked if this is genuian or not just drop me an email or you can contact the KillerBatch Webmaster.

For more information visit:
Click on the picture above :D

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