Friday, March 16, 2012

Downloading Diablo III now…

I really wanted the Diablo III Collector's Edition, but seems like I am out of luck. People must have waited days on their computer screen to pre order that. Where I just found out everything today and so fuck it lol I am getting myself the digital copy which cost me SGD 90 which would be around 218.123 MYR after converting from XE site.



Seems like the client is able to resume download.. tried downloading till 2mb and exited the downloader. When I run it again it started of on 2mb again after doing a file check I think. You still need to choose back the same folder as there be a option on where you want to save the game into.

The seller at Lowyat is selling a physical copy for around MYR 180-190 you can order it from this thread. I didn’t feel like getting a box if it is just normal, it’s not like I got a set of original diablo stuff around my room. It is still look cheaper to get a hard copy then the Digital Copy but well I guess we are paying extra to play the game on the first day. So FUCK IT LOL.

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