Friday, March 16, 2012

Using your domain name as your mail server

I guess this post is more to those I.T people who wish to do some budget cut on their website. As most people be wondering why did I do this also.

Anyway back to the story, for most user who owns a domain they have a cpanel and from there you can manage everything on the site such as uploading files and even editing the website too. Cpanel is included if you buy the hosting plan, meaning you are buying some space on their server to host your website. So what if you just want the domain and use blogger as your host? I am doing that. There is a lot free layout to be downloaded too and you just need to pick them out. But now here is the problem, if you are just paying for the domain which is roughly around RM40-RM60. You will not get the space to host your picture, musics, and yes mail too.

So if you got a domain like but using don’t really look good if you are running an online business website. Then there are some of you who are just prefer to use Gmail too, so what is the solution? fear no more, there is Google Apps now.


But don’t click on the free trail!!! unless you got a big company yes but if it is just less then 10 people in your company. Choose Google Apps (free) located somewhere on the bottom left of this site. Not direct link as it took me a while to find it!!, so anyway from there on you see a comparison chart showing benefit of business package and free package:



I do believe you don’t need Additional business apps, 25gb email storage, and Business support. If you need this 3 then you must have a server admin or some i.t guy in your company who has a Degree in computer science or I.T. Because it be too complicated for you to handle it yourself.

So just like any registration you need to fill up all the information and yes first thing you got to fill up is your domain name Smile. But if you notice on the right side where you got to submit your domain name… there is a option to buy a new domain for USD10 and that is like RM30+ after converting. My domain is hosted on Exabytes and it cost me RM63 to renew every year… so much difference.

Next step would be verifying your domain, if you still got a host it be easy by just uploading the html file. But in my case.. the site was hosted on blogger and the next option is to use a meta tag. You just got to place the tag right after <head> on your blogger design setting. Pretty much simple… if blogger supported it, but no they don’t seem to support it and each time I place the code… it changes the format and Google Apps can’t find the syntax on the site source code. I didn’t take a print screen for that as it was pissing me off more lol. Anyway the third option is more easy and choose that one… There are 4 methods to verify actually:

Choose a method from your control panel (available methods may vary):

  • Create a TXT record in your domain's DNS settings.
    This method requires accessing DNS settings for your domain at your domain host's website.
  • Upload an HTML file to your domain's web server
    This method requires being able to upload files to your domain's web server. Try doing this if you don't have access to your domain's DNS settings.
  • Add a <meta> tag to your home page
    This method is available only for some customers (it's another new method we're rolling out). It requires accessing your domain's web server but not uploading to it. Try doing this if you have write access to files on the server but can't upload new files.
  • Verify using your Google Analytics tracking code
    This method requires that you have a Google Analytics account for the same domain you're signing up for Google Apps.

I picked the Create a TXT record, as I still got a panel to set the DNS setting which could be accessed at Exabytes billing section. You will be given a code like this:

Google site verification code is: google-site-verification=o1-(edited)szBAtqdN-(Edited)7D1DXpj(Removed)

So just fill up the code like this:


For Exabytes, they use SPF and yes pretty much the same so just paste the code in there and you are done. After verifying is done, you will need to set the MX record, if you are using Exabytes then just follow what I fill up in the above picture. But if no then you can set it on the cpanel option of your website. Just cut and paste the MX record from this:


Mail server












I didn't know how to set the priority as there was no option to do so in the penal I got. But regardless of the system, ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM must be the top priority record. I Don't know why.. lol

Anyway if you have hard time even trying to set the verification code then I suggest you to contact your domain support team. Because I did that too, and they gave me a link to manage my domain setting.. it had more option then the picture above. I didn’t know there was another site to set all this as I don’t have the cpanel anymore.

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