Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WikiSabah News: RCI, Mahathir Wajar Dihukum Mati?

“"SAYA terkejut ketika Pesuruhjaya Polis Sabah, Maulana Babjee memanggil saya dan mengarahkan saya membunuh beberapa orang Kadazan dan Cina untuk mencetuskan rusuhan kaum. Saya tergamam!" kata Mantan Ketua Daerah Sandakan, OKK Asainar Bin M.P. Ebrahim @ Hassnar.

Asainar Bin M.P. Ebrahim @ Hassnar adalah salah seorang bekas tahanan ISA yang paling lantang menyuarakan isu PATI dan kad pengenalan Projek. Beliau merupakan salah seorang daripada 52 tahanan ISA yang menjadi dalang sindiket kad pengenalan projek

English translation:

“I got shock when the police Commisioner of Sabah, Maulana Babjee called me and instructed me to kill a few Kadazan and Chinese to start a racial war. I became speechless.” said Mantan the chief for Sandakan district, OKK Asainar Bin M.P Ebrahim @ Hassnar.

Asainar Bin M.P Ebrahim @ Hassnar is one of ISA most straight forward guy who bring up the PTI and Project I.C issue. He was one of the 52 prisoner in ISA who betrayed the syndicate of Project I.C.

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Known since a long time ago, but only difference is this story has more details. Mahathir wanted more muslim voter, that is why those who wish to get pr status at Sabah are still being asked to convert till today if they want a faster process.

Then again can't really do anything about it now... how do we fight off those people? by court? heh... they can talk all they want in court & news but nothing will happen. I am not piss of because there are more muslim or more hindus or any other religion. I am more piss off because most west Malaysian think we are fucking dumb for voting B.N and like the real truth is those NEW SABAHAN'S voted them. So what can the real native do about this new Sabahan? I don't think even Anwar has an answer to this, or any of the current leader has a better solution.

But I do believe if the STAR were ever win, they would do it the hard way and it would look more like a warzone by then lol. But what are the chances of that happening at the moment? Zero. Be it SAPP, STAR, PKR, or DAP which seems to be on the news now days most of the time all has their own hidden agenda, I am not sure who is the best but majority has lost trust in this people. What we really now is someone who is still fresh, with high motivation and yes a leadership quality to lead a new army. Because of all this PTI who has a PR now in Sabah are supporting UMNO/BN parties. Yes they have already overthrown the real native population here and we can’t do anything legally to stop it.

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Alan Newman said...

It is appalling these people behave like heroes, saints and kings without the slightest remorse or sense of shame. MM’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.: In a democratic country, Dr MM, Najib, Taib, etc would be arrested and tried for treason, undermining and destroying the Nation through: a) Apartheid & racism. b) Deception of the public with controlled media and rigged elections. c) Weakening almost all institutions of governance including the legislature, judiciary, police, ACC/MACC, the Election Commission, and the Attorney-General's Chambers. d) Mis-management, manipulation and corruption causing losses in hundreds of billions of RM$. e) Selling M'sia wholesale with perhaps 800,000 new ICs. If convicted all stolen assets to be returned and then the Convicts executed for treason. A. Newman, New Zealand.

Alan Newman said...

Some people commands zero respect from the transparent, democratic parts of the world. Often the mere appearance or utterance of someone can be nauseating; self-aggrandizing, super-racist, someone who created Malaysian apartheid, with no consideration for human-rights & equality. How can one race have special privilege? All citizens are equal in a democracy and in the eyes of God. Corrupt Malaysian leaderships cannot attract men of integrity; neither can they enact & foster laws to maintain high moral standards, transparency, performance & success in governments. What has the ex-Malaysian PM got, to be proud of? Has he left a Malaysian legacy respected, successful and uncorrupted like his next door Singapore? True religion, humanity and morality have no room for plunder & racism. It’s only him glorifying himself, the World Community has zero respect for him. The blacks are only 14% of US population, if Obama can be US President, a Chinese or Indian can be a Malaysian PM…think about it! How tragically you’ve been treated.

Alan Newman said...

14/2/2011 Financial Twitter: ... But if you think Hosni Mubarak is the richest man on earth, wait till you hear what has former dictator Mahathir Mohamad plundered. ….Using the same rule of thumb that Mubarak “earned” about US1 billion to US2 billion annually, Mahathir’s wealth easily top US$22 to US$44 billion over his 22-year of iron-fist rule. However Malaysia has more natural resources than Egypt and economically, Malaysia is richer although not necessary less corrupted than Egypt. Just like Egypt, corruption in Malaysia is so entrenched that every institutions are tainted – from the monarchy, judiciary, executive, legislature to the lowest ranking policemen on the street. Hence Mahathir is easily worth more than that.” Why do you think Mahathir’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world? eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…

Alan Newman said...

Am speaking from democratic and transparent NZ! Mahathir’s sons with their billions should read this: Hannibal Gaddafi’s UKP300million ship was left unfinished when his father was overthrown….It would have had marble columns, statues, luxury fittings and gold-framed mirrors. The ship would have also boasted of marble floors, panoramic glass lifts with virtual waterfalls, and glass walkways over the shark aquarium. Hannibal reportedly had 6 deadly sharks…..3 of the ex- Dictator’s sons have been killed and 1 held awaiting ICC trial. Mubarak and his 2 billionaire sons Alaa & Gamal are in Tora jail, so is the super tycoon Ahmed Ezz and a bunch of other Mubarak-era mega-businessmen.