Thursday, March 8, 2012

Asking for the impossible.

As usual if you touch any religious issue moreover with the Malaysia official religion. You be hunted down like a animal, badword, court, police report and many more threatening event to your life. That if you insulted them, well majority would do the same I guess if there was no apology. But asking more then once apology mean you are just being an bitch.

“PETALING JAYA: The Home Ministry is not satisfied with the explanation from The Star over the picture of Erykah Badu with tattoos with the word “Allah” in Arabic on her body.” The Star News

What more can The Star offer to this home ministry if an apology is not enough? I mean he ask for a explanation, they gave him the explanation. But he wants more detailed explanation as he was not satisfied with the current explanation? like what the fuck does he really want?

If he wants money, he should just ask it and stop making it like Erykah Badu tattoos is going to cause Malaysia to be destroyed. Saying this saying that, this people really just talk too much. Is it really hard to ask what kind of explanation they want? He can just call over the mobile and ask for it like this:

Mobile Conversation
The Home Ministry: I can stop being a bitch if you pay me RMXXX,XXX.00 and I want your staff Ms. Slut outside your room to be in xxx hotel, vip room no 1.
The Star: I can pay you but as for the staff… she don’t dare to go she said…
The Home Ministry: You can continue on getting bitched by me then.
The Star: no no I send her over, right away please give me about half an hour and she meet you up.
The Home Ministry: Ok.

See what's so hard asking like a boss, but if money is not what he wants then this home ministry really just want some whore attention like a slut in the classroom.

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