Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Micro Systemation (MSAB) - XRY

So what is XRY? it is a tool which allows one to perform forensic extraction mobile data from a wide variety of mobile devices. From MSAB website:

“Extracting data from mobile / cell phones is a specialist skill and not the same as recovering information from computers. Most mobile devices don't share the same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique configurations and operating systems. What does that mean in terms of getting data out of them? Well in simple terms, it means it is very difficult to do.

XRY has been designed and developed to make that process a lot easier for you, with support for over 6,600 different mobile device profiles. We supply a complete solution to get you what you need and the software guides you through the process step by step to make it as easy as possible.”

So phone hacking has become more easy for those with money. Well I don’t think it be a price affordable by some millionaire rich kid. Unless he is Justin Bieber or the kids from Harry Potter, anyway here is a video of them cracking the Iphone and easily extracting personal information from it:


Now this makes you wonder is it really ok to ignore your phone being stolen if there is a lot of personal information and pictures in it. Well there are other available tools to do password dumping but not so user-friendly as this one as this has a user friendly instruction too. Interested to purchase it? Here are the contact details:

Micro Systemation AB (Sweden) - Head Office

Postal address:

Registered office:

Delivery address:

P.O. Box 3053
SE 169 03  SOLNA

Råsundavägen 1-3 
SE 169 67  SOLNA

Råsundavägen 1-3 
SE 169 67  SOLNA

Phone: +46 8739 0270
Fax: +46 8730 0170
Registered No:  556244-3050
VAT No:  SE556244305001

Micro Systemation Inc (USA)

House of Sweden
2900 K-Street NW, Suite 505
Washington DC 20007. USA
Phone: +1 202 536 1590
Fax +1 888-395-9027

Micro Systemation Ltd (UK)

Micro Systemation Limited
The Ashridge Business Centre
121 High Street, Berkhamsted
Hertfordshire. HP4 2DJ. UK
Freephone: 0808 234 2450
Fax: 0808 234 2449

Micro Systemation (France)

30, rue Godot de Mauroy
75009 Paris, France

Téléphone: +33 1 53 30 79 42

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