Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sabah Native Jimmy Wong has been stripped of his Native Certificate

“KOTA KINABALU: Sabah's sole DAP assemblyman Jimmy Wong has been stripped of his Native Certificate - a document certifying his bumiputra status in the state.

State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor told the state assembly that a probe by a special board found that Wong, the Sri Tanjung assemblyman, was not qualified to hold the certificate.” The Star - By RUBEN SARIO

It didn’t take that long to check on this one particular guy, why? because he is the opposition. The government will do anything to make sure the opposition loose the next general election. Checking their bumi status is one of them, how do they check if he is a kadazan, suluk, or bugis that is local? they check it by their parents. So if he is married to a local, who is a kadazan, or sino he still can’t follow the wife or husband race in Malaysia…. wait.. no actually that is only for West Malaysia.

In Sabah I remember you can follow either one religion & race. Not a really common knowledge but yes it is possible due to the difference law we have. If your wife is a kadazan and you are a japanese, it is possible to follow the spouse race and religion then again due to the Federal Government seems to be slowly changing everything about the 20 points agreement including our religion. Why do I know about this? My grandfather was one of those who change his race and followed my grandmother. But yes he was not the only one. 

Then again it could be a issue he use against the court later on if his wife is a local. Anyway if they got the time to check on one parliament bumi status, why don’t they check on all those PTI who manage to get blue MyKad? I mean they should enforce the royal commission of inquiry regarding this issue. So what is actually holding them up?

Phantom Voters

Is all I can say think off.. In one of Najib previous statement, he said “Sabah & Sarawak is B.N fix desposit” Google It. Makes you wonder if there is any deeper meaning to it. For most Malaysian in the west they be thinking like are Sabahan & Sarawakian that stupid to give their full support with B.N? Yes I have seen comments in forums, RPK blog, and so on. I mean like Sabah did not accept any post dated cheque, then claim their were cheated (On the news) after trying to cash out on the written date of the cheque. Plus if you all notice why are they not doing the royal commission of inquiry even after being pressured by the Sabahan.

Well I would assume that majority of those voters are part of Project I.C and yes they were once non Bumi Sabahan. So will their bumi status be stripped if this was true? I hope so. Because it is not fair for Jimmy Wong to be the only one stripped his bumi status because he is a not a converted local bumi chinese. Converted as in changing his religion, then again what can the real Local Sabahan do now since the converted to local native population is more then the real local? This is really a twisted work of Project I.C and to the person who suggested this project. I hope he get sodomized in hell by Hitler.

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