Thursday, May 29, 2008

The funny picture? or scary?

Well I am back in the office after being in k.l the past few days for training. I thought of downloading my regular manga from NarutoFan. But only to see a scary looking picture or more like an idiotic face while opening the site. Have a look of the print screen taken while I was opening the site:

Free Image Hosting at
Taken the screen shot as it changes every day or hours

Click on the picture to see more details

I don't know if that is really him or the person is using someone else picture but one thing for sure I know it is one scary looking poser of Naruto hahaha

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sister Wedding

My sister is finally married after being together for more then 8 year's with Wynold. It was not a regular wedding dinner too as there were a few celebrities and deputy speaker lol.. Not to mention Alban's favorite Group :

(Can't remember the group name)
Click on the Image

As for the church, my sister came like 30 minutes late. Still don't know why did she come late as I only remembered about it now. Nothing really much to talk about it as it was like every other church wedding ;p

But I did manage to get some funny pictures.. or maybe for them it is funny.. lol

Image Hosted by
Wynold Vilus Boijohn & Ami DK

It was not a common wedding dinner style I guess, how many wedding dinner you have attend and only to see a group of Agua's or what we call in malay "Pondan" dancing and lips singing. There was a magician to entertain the kids who can't sit down quietly too. So it was not really a boring dinner, but I miss the early part because I had to bring the incoming guest towards their table.

Took a few picture with the K's family and.. er... Lim? lol well dad side of cause here is a picture of them:

Image Hosted by
I am not going to list down all their names as I don't know everyone here. Mixture of my Dad and Mom family side

Image Hosted by
The K's Family

Mom, Sis, Bro, Bro In-Law, Me

I will try to add all the pictures, but at the moment a little bit disappointed because I am not sure why are there so much noise in the pictures. Tried changing the setting just now and I notice the image quality is no more there like last time even after reseting it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Days

Hardly ever updated this blog now days, been busy with my work and of cause making sure my spare time if spend wisely with my dawing haha. Well for an update I be attending my sister wedding on the 24th this.. er saturday... and there are still two invitation card not send, Jeremy & Alban's invitation card... lol. I be flying to k.l on the 26th later on for the samsung training. What kind of training, i am not to sure myself. I hope it will not be another information sharing like the last training i went on saturday. Not that it was a bad thing but well I didn't really learn anything going there.. The main point of going there was to get some information regarding some network setup I would like to do for one of my company client house. As I am having a hard time gathering information regarding the kind of setup I can do. Work or not I am not too sure myself.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Slashdot XP SP3 Crashes Some AMD Machines
XP SP3 Crashes Some AMD Machines
Posted by kdawson on Sunday May 11, @10:49PM
from the workarounds-emerge dept.
Windows Bug Microsoft Upgrades
Stony Stevenson alerts us to new information on the XP SP3-induced crashes that we discussed a few days back. Jesper Johansson, a former program manager for security policy at Microsoft, is maintaining an ongoing log and support site for users affected by any of several problems triggered by XP3. Machines using AMD hardware, particularly HP desktops, seem to have several modes of failure; others affect Intel machines.

So I guess it is not ready for my desktop pc yet. :P lame ass microsoft making we user test it for free.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kad Mesra

Well I had a bad experience with RHB, now I am having a hard time with Kad Mesra because the lack of option on contacting them. I do not understand why do I have to call them just to reset my password or report my lost Kad Mesra. So i brows around seeking for an email which I could send and inform them regarding this matter seeking a alternatives way then calling 603-8023 2626. Here is the email I send;

From: Adriel D.K(Remove)
To :
Subject: Seeking better alternative then 03-8023 2626

To whom it may concern;

I am having a hard time trying to get back my password and well reporting back my kad mesra. I am usually remember about calling it after office hour because I got a busy job, and only to find out the number 603-8023 2626. Is only available during office hour. Not to mention I am from Kota Kinabalu Sabah where I just wasted my credit trying to call that number.

So I am sending this email seeking if there is any alternative way other then calling the K.L number all the time for any inquiry or report regarding my card. As I find it inconvenient for me to call just to reset my password or report my lost card. Not to mention it is not cheap for me to call because it is not a local number. Which is why I am sending an email now and not talking about this over the phone. As I just finished my phone credit just to find out I can only speak to a operator during office hour.

Adriel D.K

I will post the reply from them as soon as I get 1. Well if I actually get 1 as this is a free service after all.

Just notice I have some grammar error..." I am usually remember" ARh fuck it i think the whole sentence has problem in it. HAHAHA

Saturday, May 3, 2008

RHB Bank

This is my second bank account i have in my life, I didn't want to open it in the 1st place but well both companies I am working for seems to be using RHB Bank. Why? I don't know, the bank have bad customer service. I have just receive my pay and I can't withdraw it from the bank because the operator i called told me it was inactive. It is not cheap to call the customer care number which is 03-92068118. Cost me a few ringgit just to wait for the operator to answer. Then another few more ringgit for the operator to get my details for verification and finally another few ringgit for my answer. Total that up and if you don't have more then RM20 in your prepaid number. Forgot trying to call them and just go to the bank and use their phone. If they don't let you, ask them to pay for your credit.

It took my more then a week to get my online account activated, and worst part is I need to call the k.l number just to get my account activated. So yes it was not a cheap call, nvm that now I had to spend another 10 bucks over just to know why the fuck I can't withdraw my money. Finally the answer was

"Sir your ATM card is inactive"

I asked
"why is my account active then?"

"Sir your ATM card is inactive, kindly go to the nearest RHB branch and bring along your ic to reactivate it"

I asked
"Why is it inactive?"

"There was an annual fee and my account had insufficient fund in it"

I asked
"So why is my account active?"

"Sir please go to the nearest RHB Branch"

I said:

Hang up.....


So I am going to RHB Branch in Gaya street this monday and hope no more problem or i be calling the manager and ask him to explain me A-Z what the fuck is wrong again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day

Don't really feel like an holiday as I am still doing some work (Personal Income). Had to do a laptop and well manage my account too didn't do any extra job because I don't have much time. Canceled the appointment with my mom company because I can't make it due to the laptop taking too much time.

I seem to get more calls now days not that I don't like but I don't have time to do them. Still trying to adjust my time but after looking at my plans I can only handle 2 job after my primary job hour if over. That would depend on my client too as some of them don't seem to mind me coming after office hour. Well most of them don't mind and prefer that way so they could actually see what I do. Another reason would be because I will explain everything in details, making sure they don't need to call me again unless it is a major problem.

Most shops would just tell what is wrong or maybe just half of the problem. Which is why people would always send back to the same shop or maybe to another shop, where they just get cheated again. I have seen it happen always and I can't blame them for doing so. They are running a business and that would be one of the way to make fast money. So the boss will make sure they make enough profit per pc and hope the customer would always come back. While not telling what they should not do next time for this problem to happen again in the future.

My fix client usually have difference problem always some might be the same one always but then again most of the time it is new. They always call me because I would make sure the job is done and hope they don't call me back to do the same job twice. Not to mention I have spoil the market price in my city as most shop would charge from a range of MYR50 to MYR100. That charge does not include delivery charges, where me who is a Sole Proprietor would only charge MYR45. I may sound like an idiot freelance for those who knows the market price then again I always get calls from outside my friends network. News travel fast in KK and I made used of that, so most of my client would call me rather then trying to call an outsider who would have hard time explaining and not to mention charge them pretty high.

So whats has all this got to do with labour Day? I have no idea


I have finally sign up for one of those ads paying blog. But the one I sign up is made in Malaysia, been thinking of signing up for some time now but like most people. "Malas lar" haha or we just forget about it and only remember when someones mention about it. If any of you guys are interested just click on the icon below the ads in this post:


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