Monday, March 23, 2009

Between Nuffnang & AdSense

Does any Malaysian know which one pays you more? For me at the moment I am earning more from AdSense then I do from Nuffnang. Maybe it is because of the currency exchange is 1 thing, but how much do I make per day from between this 2?

I would say I am making a lot more from AdSense. There is about an average of 900-1,300 people visiting my blog everyday. So yes I can see the difference, I did not fully use AdSense because it was not local so yes that is an issue. But then they are paying more just after installing the ads back for like 3 days and I am already getting more then I earn from NuffNang in a week.

Then again I could not say much as I am still nobody in the internet :)

Anyway for those who are interested in signing up for this two company here are the links:


Google Company:


How much am I making? erm.. Not much :)

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