Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April 2010

It is April fool again and yes this is .. er.. third year being together? or 2? eh.. ah alamak ah yes our third year together. Should have mention last night but well Happy Anniversary dawing xD

We are going Makati City today together with Archie and yes finally on a vacation after all this years working. I Don’t remember ever going for a vacation trip yet, one day trip yes but not 4 days!!!! never took a off this long… wait I just took 2 days off… not really long as tomorrow is a public holiday and then saturday is just half day. So didn’t really feel like I took any off at all lol..

Anyway this is about it, I will try post some picture once I am back. As I am not going to bring my laptop there and I don’t think I could online there too.




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