Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some stuff that most girls should think when buying a webcam..

I guess most of you out there owns a webcam that comes is fit with the lcd screen (usually a laptop, notebook, and any small pc) or portable webcam (for desktop). Here are some scary stuff that could happen especially for girls:



She is having a chatsex with someone!!! what she did not notice is this guy(should be a guy I assume) actually recording it. As for information on her with just few small details such as a email address or name you can even be a professional stalker. For a example this girl her name is Jacouelyn Teoh, try google it up and you see tons of result.

Now try google’ing up this keyword “Jacouelyn Teoh Facebook” or just search for that name in facebook itself haha.

Well recording is not the only method available, as you need to be close to the girl for her to actually strip in front of the webcam. The easy way is to install a backdoor or Trojan and gain access to the pc. Where you try to gain control of the pc and yes.. accessing her webcam would be one of them. Then again now days it is not really easy as most of the computer which comes with a cracked antivirus software such as norton, mcfee and so on. So if you are planning to use tools like netbus or subseven.. it will not work anymore unless you are still on xp and well someone installed it for you lol xD

As for this poor girl.. well what can i say… just look at her facebook:

... alamak i think she deleted her profile.. lol well this is what she said this morning:

“Jacouelyn Peggy Teoh is being frame by others. She had made 2 police report this morning. Dont worry about her, she will be fine, just feeling upset right now.. thanks for everyone calling for concerned and support. We will do something of it.. just to let you all that beaware of those kind of cases. I do not want it to be happen to other ...model again.. Do take notez! Million thanks to you all! ♥”

So the poor girl is being frame.. well can’t blame her… I know this is not really a good post but then for you girls out there. Bear in mind that you are not really protected and this really can happen to you if you are taking it lightly when someone ask you to strip or accepting a file from you internet friend then running it on your pc.


More details on GutterUncensored:
Malaysian Model Jacouelyn Teoh Leaked Nude Webcam Video Of Her Cybersexing


Personal details for victim:
Full name: Jacouelyn Peggy Teoh

Windows Live: Jacouelyn Nadeshiko


About Me:

Sex: Female
Birthday: October 26

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Name : Jacouelyn
Email :
DoB : 26 October 1991
Race : Chinese
Gender : Female
Height : 165cm
Weight : 42kg
Dress Size : S
Shoe Size : 6
Hair Type : Long
Hair Colour : Black
Eye Colour : Black
Vital Statistics : 34-24-34 (C-Cup)
Occupation : Professional Model
Spoken Language : English/Chinese/Malay/Cantonese
Current Address : Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

i have her video.. lol..

well, she deserve it..

Adriel D.K said...

Is it the same one from gutteruncensored? lol