Thursday, April 22, 2010

Digi going green or stressing up people?

Well remember that time when I was posting about stopping your Digi paper bill?.. omg that was January!!! and  I thought February… well anyway I am still receiving the paper bill. So how many months was that… January, February, March and April alamak 4 month lar suda.

Which means 4 x 3= rm .. er.. oh RM12 this is a lot!!! haha jk this is enough to feed me a day, enough for a primary student for 2 days, and enough for a beggar 3 days of meal. Yes it takes 4 months plus (I be receiving another last Hard Copy statement bill for April) and I am set to save the tree’s around the world.. I think. But then again this is no difference then the Government?? Did digi just go private sector to government sector??? What the happen already?? It does make me piss off every month logging into OCS, click on D’chat, and pop out the same question every month and getting the same answer every time. I think the D’chat operator are starting to recognize me and already prepare a auto reply script lol.

If I knew this was going to happen I would have save all the chat log with them and well post it here. Then again this might be the last time I ask the same question with them but well here is the log:
(9:02:17 am)  Your chat session has started..
  (9:02:25 am)  DiGi CS:  Hi, welcome to D'Chat. My Name is SITI SUHAILA. How may I assist you?
  (9:02:36 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  Gd morning, :D
  (9:02:47 am)  DiGi CS:  Good morning. How can I help?
  (9:03:08 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  I think i have asked this question for the past few months or every month since febuary i think and been getting the same reply most of the time
  (9:03:15 am)  DiGi CS:  okay
  (9:03:28 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  up to date i am still getting a hard copy statement of my bill
  (9:03:46 am)  DiGi CS:  May I confirm your number is 016xxxxxxx?
  (9:03:46 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  am i getting a rm3 discount even thought i still receive my bill?
  (9:03:50 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  yes
  (9:04:00 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  i requested for 2 number
  (9:04:15 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  016 and the other one is 019xxxxxxxalso
  (9:04:15 am)  DiGi CS:  And can I get the other number?
  (9:04:45 am)  DiGi CS:  Thank you
  (9:04:59 am)  DiGi CS:  the physical bill service for both numbers have been deactivated
  (9:05:06 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ahh
  (9:05:44 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  and i just receive 1 yesterday lol
  (9:05:50 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  for my 016
  (9:06:19 am)  DiGi CS:  The service was deactivated on the 10th march
  (9:06:24 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  statement date 08/04/2010
  (9:06:45 am)  DiGi CS:  the bill that you received will be your last physical bill
  (9:06:51 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah ok
  (9:07:03 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  because that was the same answered i got last month too
  (9:07:08 am)  DiGi CS:  it's the same with the 019 numbers too
  (9:07:29 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah ok so the 019 will be getting another bill too?
  (9:07:52 am)  DiGi CS:  I believe so, the statement date is for the 1st april
  (9:07:59 am)  DiGi CS:  which will also be the last bill
  (9:08:45 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  woh... i guess it really takes a few months to unsubscribe paper bill
  (9:09:02 am)  DiGi CS:  yes
  (9:09:09 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  well thanks for informing me on that too :)
  (9:09:15 am)  DiGi CS:  You're welcome. Is there anything else I may assist you with?
  (9:09:31 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  don't think so, but thanks for answering again :)
  (9:09:38 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  have a nice day :)
  (9:09:44 am)  Thank you and have a nice day.
I have save the printscreen of the chat and well just in case they take legal action against me or anything for posting this up lol… so guys if you want to stop your digi bill and save mother nature.. do keep on calling them or logon into your OCS and use D’chat :)

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