Monday, April 19, 2010

Join Lumixgrapher contest on facebook!!! :D

Here is what you need to join the contest:
A lumix camera
A picture shot by lumix camera
a picture shot with a lumix camera containing someone, yourself, your partner, your family smiles.
Facebook Account
Becoming a Fan of Lumix Club in Facebook

So when is the dateline? erm.. Contest commences on 19th April 2010 and closes at midnight GMT on 18th July 2010 ("Contest Period"). Not sure what made me thought it end tonight.. misread it.. this afternoon.
Ah so I guess I still can go out and take more shots with my camera :D Gunung Emas? haha
Anyway guys if you got a facebook account and own a lumix camera you should start taking your best shot and upload. I accidently uploaded a cybershot picture.. not sure if I am going to be disqualified or not but well I don’t give a shit anymore after noticing there are 2 girls who is leading me by 20 points plus (1 of them is using a G1!!!!!)

So much lumix word being used on this post lol… by the way don’t forget to vote me after participating

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