Friday, April 30, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!! Part 3 (WAR)

The war has been going on for almost 5 days now and the red army seems to be loosing or they are moving based. Looking at the situation I have realize it is time to start war at the red army second base, which is located somewhere in the kitchen.  Just have a look at the war zone area 5 days ago:


Now here is the latest satellite photo:




I would say about 60% of the biological weapons used for this war is gone. Which is good news as the red army are feeding this back at their base. The new war zone area has already been completed and here are some pictures of it:




There is a entrance to this area from the front and I am sure the red army will be fooled again by this biological weapon again. I hope to win the war by end of next month he he he

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