Monday, April 26, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!! Part 2 (WAR)

This afternoon after patiently waiting.. finally i heard the voice of the person I have been searching for who will assist me on my weapon for my up coming attack against the red army. You will hear him almost everyday, everywhere, and same thing always. With the powerful voice that is strong enough to hear from a distant shouting..:


Where I quickly stood up and ran our of my office toward him. So I quickly negotiated the price of this powerful weapon to kill the red army:

Me: bos berapa kamu jual itu racun tikus?
Weapon Guy: Ini harga satu ringgit saja!
Me: Berapa banyak saya boleh dapat?
Weapon Guy: 3 packet!!! cukup untuk satu minggu ni!!

So I kept quiet for a while thinking how many should I buy.. but then how much do I have in my pocket? Quickly I checked both of my pocket and yes a few crumple up money. I counted and only to find two ringgit and 10 cents, thinking no more I said..

Me: Bos kasih saya DUA RINGGIT!
Weapon Guy: Boleh bos!!

So the weapon guy pull out 2 set of package where 1 package has 3 ant poison. But then I have no experience using such advance weapon, so I had to ask the guy for some basic instruction…":

Me: Bos apa macam pakai ini barang?
Weapon Guy: kau buka dan terus kasih tabur saja di tempat semut itu
Me: Ohh begitu pula, jadi berapa lama lar ni?
Weapon Guy: patut 1 minggu pun cukup sudah
Me: oo ok bos, thank you.
Weapon Guy: RACUN TIKUS!!!! RACUN SEMUT!!!!!!!…

Well he started promoting back his weapon again and left me standing there.. So this is how the stuff I bought look like:



I have no idea where is it made from, or what is it called, there are some pinyin character and english.   But none mentioning the origin or the brand. So work or not I don’t know but well this is just a starting for my war plan. I have invested RM2 into this plan so it much work!!!

So as time passed by I have created a flat space on my wall so I will not damage my whole apartment space. Using the best design available I have created this:



But as I started the war I notice there was a big problem on my war zone.. it is slowly going down due to the heavy weight of my weapon!!! So after tweaking around my brain I quickly created a good solution where I installed a support beamer just below the war zone area and now it looks much better:




As you can see few of the red army have died, yes they were suppose to bring back this poison to their base. I guess due to the greed of themself… they wanted some share and ate it. I guess even insects don’t follow order.. lol

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Twofivesix[256] said...

I don't know why I find this post (and also the sequels too) Very hilarious. Hahahahahahahaahaahhaahhaa.

Maybe because you made the red ants sound like a bunch of terrorist and the guy selling pesticides sound like a commander. And RM2 sounds like a fortune. *Lols.

Omg're so funny.