Friday, April 30, 2010

GutterUncensored remove, down, or unable to access again?

Blog has been removed

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404 Not Found (?).


Seems like the normal URL I use to access to Mr. Gutter site is down again where his last post was about:

Karissa Shannon Show Some Upskirt On Street With Her New Boyfriend

5 hours ago

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Not sure what happen maybe the singaporean chix did some stuff to one of google staff. Strip tease them on the webcam? lol anyway both of the url  “ ” and “ ” are down. Being linked to another website, could be his site got hijacked by some hacker from Malaysia or Singapore. Then again I am just assuming as there are no news from both of his Facebook Account.

At the moment his facebook account are both being flooded with questions from all the guys (Yes majority are man, well we do like this stuff haha) I guess it be a while again for him to post some good stuff lol

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