Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hitz.Fm be at Stompin' Sabah

Well Jin aka @Jinnyboy from the hitz party will be there to host the event. Pretty must a lot of guys be going too just look at the fb status that was posted yesterday


10 comments and 60 like… ok that is still a lot!! But it would be kind of depressing if it be 80% guys and 20% girls only… lol

How many girls are going? ok nvm I hope it be a blast but how was last year one? here is a video from one of the band played which was recorded by “abdulmalikabusamah” not sure who anyway have a  look at it:

Pretty much good from what I see :D well here are some pictures of the crows and the live band :D





For more pictures just head towards you can read all about last year event and more pictures too. Seems like a blast to me, last year it was SuriaFM and this year we are getting Hit.Fm!!!! xD

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