Monday, March 7, 2011

Angry Bird for Windows XP, vista & Windows 7

I been getting addicted playing this game for a while now well on my friend iPhone finally I found a pc version for free. It is a very simple, puzzle and free game. There is no installation required and just extract it from the rar file and you are ready to play.


After downloading the file from the link I be providing below. You will  need to use a free program called winrar. If you don’t have that installed and don’t have any program that could open up the rar file then you can download winrar from:

Once you have winrar or maybe already had 1, you just need to extract the file out from the rar file you just downloaded and there be 4 file and 1 folder (AngryBirds.exe, AppUpWrapper.dll, config.lua, msvcr100.dll & data folder).


You can choose where you want to place the angry bird folder and then create a shortcut to your desktop. Just by right clicking on the AngryBirds.exe and highlight “Send to” then in there you would see a button called Desktop “create shortcut”. Where you finally have you very on shortcut for the game.

angrybi1 gameplay win

Anyway the gameplay is pretty much simple, but there be some part where you need to use more then 1 bird. If you are lucky and good it only take 1 shot and all the monster would die. I can’t seem to get a print screen while playing the game, but you can always google up how the game play is:

Youtube video – Angry Bird

So if you are ready to play, just click on the comment box(Spam or critics..) below for the download link.

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