Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meeting by idiots discuss about the fake Anwar Sex video

When you want to frame someone, make sure it is not old, don’t look like a frame, and yes at lease do something other then sex. First it is sodomize, then another sodomize? now sex video???? LOL YOU THINK WE ALL STUPID IS IT


This is what happening now to the leading government party now.


I am very sure most Malaysian, or maybe East Malaysian are not very happy with the current Government. Yes we hate it and doing protest which will just destroy our economy is not a option at the moment. But it will be once we reach our limit.

UMNO guys, stop being hypocrite & think your UMNO Malay are everything. We used live in an environ where religion is not an issue between us. Now because of that old senile man and his dogs, you guys make a big issue out of nothing. I hope there be a big war soon and we claim our independent.

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