Monday, March 7, 2011

Angry Bird for PSP GEN-C, CFW and so on



I tried playing on my PSP 3k (3004) GEN-C (Full)with 5.03 HEN. No lag and weeee I got angry bird for my lappy and psp too Open-mouthed smile 

Anyway the link is on the comment(Spam or critics..) section on my previous post for “Angry Bird for Windows XP, vista & Windows 7”.

Installation? well first of all if you don’t know what is CFW which stand for custom firmware. Then I suggest you go do some study a bit first before trying to install this on your psp. Then again it is pretty much simple if your psp has GEN-C or 5.50 GEN-D already which you installed yourself!

Just place the iso file in the iso folder which is located in the memory card on your psp.


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