Sunday, March 20, 2011

Midnight Snank.. snake… snack… sorry typo

What I really wanted to say is my midnight supper, anyway on my previous post about Saint Patrick's Day. I was at the Loft and not The Loaf!!!! THE LOFT AND NOT THE LOAF!!!!


THE LOFT!!!!!!



Anyway back to my midnight supper, most of you would usually go to a fast food place after going for a drink with your friends. But did you know like for Mc Donald, for RM10++ what kind of value meal can you get? well 4 choice of cause. Will it be enough is what I am saying, in my case.. no it is not enough. Some times I would order 1 value meal and with a extra mc chicken, but that too might not be enough… but once in a while only (this is based on true facts.. facks? er how to spell ah?). But anyway most of the time it be enough, then again it would cost about RM16++ and which is not cheap!!!!

So what can I get if I went to a kedai kaling? Kaling means a muslim indian and kedai means shop. Anyway I usually would order

  • Nasi Goreng Kampung (fry rice with fried ikan bilis)
  • Mata Lembu (Half cook fried egg)
  • Ayam goreng (Usually you see the one they goreng and place it on the… er.. the second where u choose the lauk?)

With the result of this:

DSC_0078 DSC_0079

How much does it cost? well the nasi goreng kampung is about rm5, then egg is rm1.50 then the fried chicken is rm3. All those would add up to RM9.50 ONLY!!!! FOR RM9.50 YOU GET THIS STUFF.

See how much I get compare to mc donald or any other fast food outlet? Well just wanted to say this as I want to eat the food now.

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