Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scammer in Facebook TAKE NOTE!!!!

Saturday morning and I receive this message in my Facebook inbox:


“Hi, how are you. my name is Halimat latifah Abdul, i work in UK, My late father is from malaysia and my mum from UK,i will be coming to malaysia for my holiday soon. i want us to be close before i come to malaysia. i want you to please send mail to me on my yahoomail because i do not check facebook always.this is my email -
OR you can call me on: +447031849555”

Scammer Facebook profile:


I know most people would be aware of such scam, where this girl or guy say she/he is coming down to your country. Randomly sending message to everyone they see from your country. But I can say 3 out of 10 people they message would not think this as a scam. Sadly but this is the truth, there are a lot of naïve people out there who think they got their first love or maybe some love on first sight thing. No this is not a fairy tale world guy, wake up and this is how reality is.

We don’t live in a world where the first person you meet might be a good person. He/she may want something out of you, it could be your connection, work, or the most common one is Money. Like many other victim some may even loose their life saving to this kind of people. I have seen all kind of news about it and it makes me wonder.. are this people really stupid and naïve? Who the fuck send over money to someone they never met just to help out their financial problem? lol

So guys if you receive any kind of request for help, I do hope you think twice first on that person. If it is your family member or close friends then well if you got the budget to help.. don’t be shy. But to strangers? no.

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