Saturday, March 27, 2010

Streamyx new Package!! Faster and Much more Expensive!!!! Part 3

Finally good news or could be just a trick to scam people into subscribing? Maybe it is just me complaining but what if they are using this as a bait to pancing (fish) people??

“PETALING JAYA: Good news. The download cap on Telekom Malaysia’s UniFi high speed broadband service packages has been suspended.

The telco made the announcement on the Twitter microblogging site yesterday and said it made the decision after taking into account public feedback on the cap.

“NO volume cap 4 all #unifi packages 4 now. Decision due to public feedback. TM will only monitor usage pattern 4 time being,” read the tweet.” Read More...

This is good but then will they really just leave it uncap and for how long? Have a look at astro in a year maybe your bill went up from 60 to 70 and for what? new billing system crap or something like that. What happen when the public complain? NOTHING!

What is my advise to you all? use the basic, don’t bother trying to upgrade your speed because it will not really make much difference other then downloading your porn movies faster. Did you know it is illegal to download a copyright movie online? well not that nobody knows it is just that buying an Original in Malaysia is not really original. You see the movie cutting all the sexy part, removing some words, and anything to do with religion especially toward Islam might get banned. But anyway back to the point, don’t bother wasting your money on this new streamyx Package. You have been living in Malaysia, using the only monopolize ISP in Malaysia and you should understand they are making TONS OF MONEY.

Unless they can confirm you that this new package will never get capped and lowering the price then go for it. But for now… just say :


Streamyx Sucks

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Anonymous said...

aku memang tak sokong kelembapan streamyx dan monopoli oleh tm. tapi bab movie kena sensor aku sokong sesangat. kita duk kat malaysia, bukannya us yang ntah ape2.

orang asia especially macam ko ni suka nak ikut negara luar. aku belajar kat us 4 tahun setengah tapi aku rasa biasa je.

kalu nak maju, kita ikut cara kita. baru orang luar respek. lantak la nak kata konservetif, tapi itulah kelainan kita. aku tak paham la admire sgat kat mah saleh. kalu mata sepet, tetap sepet jugak kan?

hana yee