Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a strange day I had yesterday

In the morning I saw a disable man singing and well just watch the video:

The video is very blur but notice the red shirt moving around? well thats the disable guy being pushed by his brother or friend..

Anyway I went to Kg. Kebagu and yes it is located at the back of UMS. There is only 1 road access going there where if it rain I don’t think any small car could pass. Anyway there was a 5 acres land for sale there and yes the price is reasonable and it is a hill with no road access yet thought as it used to be use to plant rubber tree’s. Then again that was like 20 years ago the owner told me, so as we walked around the jungle the owner told me there were people mining for gold and I just said “oh..”. So we continue on walking and stumble on the people mining for goal, it was like a bit of shock to me seeing them  mining with just 2 people. Here is a video of the hole they dig:

They have all the tools, including a metal detector. Well I asked how long have they been digging and he replied “For months already we been digging here, with no gold yet.”. In my mind “Is there really any gold here???” but then you just never know how lucky some people can be.

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