Friday, March 26, 2010

Streamyx new Package!! Faster and Much more Expensive!!!! Part 2

There I was looking at my laptop screen at The Star news yesterday. Hoping for some good news from streamyx at lease I thought so. But to my disappointment it is not a good news, it is a unfair package more like it. But no I am not alone in this matter as there are others just like me and not only that it is on The Star news too!!! here are few of them complaining

“I wonder why TM embarked on this so-called High Speed Broadband project when even its present “low” speed is not maintained properly.

This month alone, I had a “port” problem thrice. I was unable to read my Streamyx webmail from overseas.

Calls to its service centre were met with, “Sir, it’s normal for our webmail to be like that.”

Shah Alam.”

HAHAHAHa now this is goooooood what are they going to answer to this good custormer?? heh useless ISP. Then he too is not alone.. there is Jo Timbuong who too wrote an artical about this:

“PETALING JAYA: After the excitement of Telekom Malaysia unveiling UniFi, its high-speed broadband service that offers Internet speeds of up to 20 megabits per second (Mbps), the bubble burst for many consumers here.

Some are disappointed over what they feel are expensive charges for the packages for home users: RM149 for 5Mbps, RM199 for 10Mbps, and RM249 for 20Mbps.

In Singapore, a 1Gbps (gigabit per second) service – which is five times the speed of a 20Mbps connection – only costs about RM200.

But the real disappointment is the realisation that the UniFi packages have a cap on the amount of data that can be downloaded.” Read More...

Well I am very sure there are many more who is complaining like in Lowyat as this is like so shit. Already lar our car tax so high, now we the rakyat thinking waa finally we get a chance to feel high speed broadband just like other country only to get disappointment as we can’t afford it. What the Telekom CEO has to say about it?

“Datuk Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa said at a press conference to announce the UniFi pricing yesterday that the measures were part of its Fair Usage Policy.

“This policy is a standard industry practice to ensure that all subscribers get to enjoy the same web surfing quality,” he said.” Read more…

What he says? Fair usage Policy? what the hell is that was there such thing saying it is a fair price? Were they asking the rich people to do the policy? I think this ceo is dumb. Wonder how did he end up there or is he just a proxy for some one? ba.. nvm I am just sticking with my rm66 package plus my never used telephone line which cost additional rm28 i think… Yes now days where got people use the house phone, almost every malaysian born and living has uses a Mobile phone.

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