Thursday, March 25, 2010

Streamyx new Package!! Faster and Much more Expensive!!!!

Most of the Malaysian would have heard of this by now regarding the latest package from our monopolize ISP. So whats new?

“The 5Mbps package has a 60GB monthly cap on downloads RM149 per month, the 10Mbps package has a 90GB cap at RM199 per month, and the 20Mbps package has a 120GB cap at RM249. To compare, a typical two-hour high-definition movie is about 8GB in size.” Read more...

With this new package out I am sure a lot of us would subscribe to it only if it was not capped. Well they became much smarter and followed the other country by capping it and making it less affordable for the lower income group. This is what they said for the package that has no cap:

“There are no caps on the corporate packages, but prices are much higher. Companies will have to pay RM199 a month for 5Mbps, RM599 for 10Mbps, and RM899 for 20Mbps.”

Omg it is only available on corporate package but at a higher price!!!!  So you guys ready for the capped internet line? They can’t even maintain the stability of our ADSL connection and now they are thinking of setting a cap?

Wonder how those people who are downloading 1gb or 2gb file where the server does not support resume function get disconnected at 90% before completion of the download feel after taking on this package.. lol

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