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16-year-old Pitt Meadows girl raped

I was browsing around the internet news and yes I do brows and like take a snap image off everything. This one caught my attention as it was a 16 year old girl who was drugged and sexually assaulted by a group of men at a rave party in Pitt Meadows Canada. Not really had it anything  to do with me but yes I am just posting this. Some how this news is more about how the girls video & photo of being rape is being posted on facebook rather then arresting the people who raped her. It was all about the boy who posted the victim being gang rape rather then news about what happen to the girl now and the attackers? Here are all the news, photo, and video about the boy and what happen to him:

“Angry and disgusted police officers issued an appeal on Thursday for people to stop downloading and sharing graphic photos of a 16-year-old girl being gang-raped by a group of seven males in a Pitt Meadows field.

"I've been involved in investigating sexual assaults for many years," said Ridge Meadows RCMP Sgt. Jennifer Hyland, who is leading the investigation into the early-Saturday incident. "In that time, I've never experienced anything like what is occurring in this investigation."

Copies of the images have been "spreading like wildfire," she said.

"The very public discussion about this victim and the taking and subsequent sharing of photos depicting this rape is disgusting, morally corrupt and criminal," she said.

Police said the girl was likely drugged during the attack and required medical attention afterwards.” Read more on


“The horrific gang rape of a 16-year-old girl is roiling Canada. It's suspected that she was drugged at a rave on Saturday and then assaulted in a nearby field by a group of males. Truly adding insult to injury: The attack in Pitt Meadows, B.C., was photographed and videotaped -- and the evidence was then published on Facebook by one of her alleged attackers. The photos and video "have been viewed, shared, saved and reposted numerous times," an official told the Vancouver Sun. The images are spreading like wildfire, and it's impossible to contain.” Read more on


“Canadian police say they are struggling to prevent photos and video of a sexual assault on a teenager spreading online.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia briefly detained a teenage boy who had posted images and video of the assault on Facebook.

He removed them, but they have popped up elsewhere online and police say they may file child pornography charges.

Officers say the 16-year-old girl was drugged and sexually assaulted by a group of men at a party last weekend.” Read more on


Took me a while just to find out what happen later on after doing a bit more google’ing and yes with all kind of keyword use. Where it have finally link me to a video… Video of the 16 year old rape in Pitt Meadows rave party.. no video of a guy making a song about it. People were actually commenting how good it was and just watch it:


To the family of the 16 year old girl who was gang raped at a rave in pitt meadows BC Canada.


So.. well erm.. it made me speechless, not because how good he sing or how good was the music. But why was this song even created? I don’t think a rape victim would be happy to remember anything about the experience and the family is trying their best to hunt down those photo circulation on the internet. That I am impress rather then someone making a song for the rape victim.

Anyway the police were doing their job and yes a pretty good one too, not only they are hunting those people who are posting all the pictures. But yes they did not forget there was a rape victim and the predator is still out there hunting more girls.


An 18-Year-Old Man Was Arrested in Maple Ridge British Columbia in the Case of the 16-Year-Old Girl Who Was Gang Raped At a Party Last Weekend

The man was arrested and released on Thursday but police are hoping the Crown prosecutors will soon approve a sexual assault charge for him.

The first arrest in this case was a 16-year-old boy who allegedly took photos of the gang rape that took place at a party in Pitt Meadows, and then posted them on Facebook. The photos quickly went viral across the Internet, and that boy could be charged with distributing child pornography.

Disturbingly the photos of the sexual assault are still being uploaded to the Internet almost as fast as the police can wipe them off. Looking at the pictures constitutes viewing child pornography and police are concerned that the victim will continue to be re-victimized every time someone views one of the photos. ” Read more on


Anyway this was a incident which happened like 2 months ago. I am not sure why is it still on but there are facebook group about stoping the photos and another one is like a group of people doubt about the rape incident.


Facebook Link:
Stop the spread of Pitt Meadows gang rape photos!
Description: Anyone who willingly distributed, posted, downloaded, saved or reposted pictures of the tragic gang rape of a Pitt Meadows teenager ought to be arrested and charged with child pornograpy.

Reasonable Doubt in Pitt Meadows
Description: This group is for the people who have yet to jump on the bandwagon headed out to lynch the men/boys involved in the alleged sexual assault of a 16 year old young woman from Pitt Meadows. The tabloid newspapers are sensationalizing this case, as they do with all issues that sell. The police believe they have physical and medical evidence, but there is a difference between evidence used to arrest and evidence used to convict and the judicial process will determine what evidence there is and what it means.
This group is not for slanderous and libelous comments toward the 16 year old young woman. This is for critically thinking people who are not easily led into hating and lynching.
There is a process. Advocate for the process and for critical thinking and for truth and justice.. For All.

Reasonable doubt in pitt meadows 2
Description: About rave "rape" in pitt meadows. This is for everyone to voice there opinions and share information.


So… there is Part 2 reasonable doubt.. such a strange world we are in as Nikki Breeze mention on

“On Sept. 10, in Pitt Meadows, B.C., a 16-year-old girl was drugged and then raped by six teenage boys at a party in her hometown that had been advertised through Facebook. During the sexual assault, other teens stood by and took pictures, which were later posted to Facebook and continued to leak throughout the Internet. This shows that something as serious as a gang rape is considered to be Facebook appropriate and — somehow — comedic to the viewers.

Facebook and other social networking websites are a way for a user to express the way they are feeling about another without having to confront them face-to-face. It brings a level of confidence to a bully because he or she can say what they want.

Because Facebook is such a popular social network and has become far less private, it is easy for any user to find another and make a confrontation extremely public. Being exposed to conflict creates the urge for the viewer to want to state their opinion and get involved. When this occurs, it is almost impossible to resist making a comment on the public argument right in front of you that should have been kept private and personal.” Read more…


I guess being bullied on the internet world now days is much more worst then being bullied on school I would say. Not only will your schoolmate find out, but the whole world will just like how I find out about this news while I am from East Malaysia Sabah. Where this incident happened at Pitt Meadows, B.C. Canada.

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