Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Resubmit DEIA report for review and approval

I already saw this coming, but well pretty much nothing new. If the government wanted to make money they just go ahead with out considering the effect of it in the future. Do it now or the money be taken back, for most Sabahan would know that the fly over that is currently being built seems to be pointless and yes it just make a longer traffic jam. Why did they go on? or why did they built it? Here are some stuff which may be true or rumors but then again it is up for you to believe it or not.

The fly over project was already being proposed back like 10 years ago or more and yes with proper study, surveying, months of car counting and a lot of documentation to state why must it be build. The design has already being submitted which will allow the traffic flow to move smoothly then the current design. It was rejected why? State government would not earn anything out of it and only the citizenship will. There was already a budget for it, countless of planning and brain storming was done when the budget was given to fully utilize the budget. But now the current fly being build is just some cheaper version of the proposed fly over and yes as long the state government build it the federal government would not take back the allocation given for it.

So what is the does this story have anything to do with the resubmission of the DEIA report? Well someone is pressuring the TNB guys to do the coal-powered plant so one of this government cronies will make millions or billions out of the project. It will not be the opposition of cause this is for sure, just look at the Mongolian model case. What happen to it? Some guy end up being a scape goat for the real culprit. If you talk too much they just use ISA and say you are disrupting the peace.

We Sabahan have given our vote to the current ruling party (I didn't vote for any why? do you need to even ask?) and what did they us back? They fuck our state up, steal all our natural resources and maybe yes maybe once all this is finish. They might just kick Sabah out of Malaysia or leave us for the opposition party to handle when it is already being fucked up and damage. Is any of the Sabahan realizing this?

Well talk, curse, scream and so on, it be hard to fight the government once they make their mind up. Who knows maybe they already brainwashed the guys who will approve this with money. So what can we people do? voting the opposition would not be any better from what I see. I would still prefer if we claim for independence and make Sabah as our own country with proper Government strict like Singapore and yes I would not mind if it was even a communist government like China. Because the current government talk only and no action.


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