Monday, November 8, 2010

The new Live tools Writer, Messenger & so on

I almost forgot to mention about the new writer too lol taking a print screen of it now. Both have a totally difference interface and as for function I am not sure, maybe they are still the same or maybe more stable? No idea at the moment but most of my friends were complaining about the new messenger.

As for me I got no complains just look at the screen shot for both live writer and messenger I am currently using:


Even after signing in looks way much better now.

I had to edit the picture because most of them were showing email address if my friends.

Windows Live Messenger Version 2011 Build 15.4.3502.922
I still have no idea why do they create such a long version name lol


The tool I been using for months or a year maybe to post into my blog Open-mouthed smile


Well the new Live tools only support vista or higher. Meaning if you are on windows xp or anything below windows vista. No chance for you to test it out hahaha. As for problems… not sure as I just started using this new stuff today. Will post about it if I find any.. Smile with tongue out

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