Monday, November 15, 2010

Windows Phone 7 operating system doing permanent modification to MicroSD cards

Who would have thought microsoft would do such a thing to the new windows phone 7. I was expecting like them making their own phone with out using other peoples hardware. But to lock the MicroSd card? why would they do this? Well the slashdot guys was saying:

“Don't put your MicroSD cards into Windows Phones. According to Samsung, doing so is a 'permanent modification' to the card, and it can no longer be used in other devices.”

So like we are not allowed to use the memory card that is used on the windows 7 phone on another device for security purpose or something else? Well I never had any issue of the memory card being fix installed on the phone and never bothered to removed it except when I had to send the phone for some repair (which was never done in the end). Anyway for HTC Mozart users I am sure you guys would have wanted to upgrade your memory card for some time now. But not sure how to do it, here is a tutorial on how you should open the phone up just to swipe the MicroSD card. Yes there is a MicroSD card in the phone LOL anyway have a look”

Youtube 3 videos part 1-3


I got all the video from, so if you want to read all about it or maybe have some question about HTC Mozart. Don’t bother asking me as I don’t own a HTC phone haha

Anyway this new operating system seems to be like a joke now. Even the Dell Venue Pro has a microSD card slot, you'll just need to void your warranty to use it!!! LOL pretty much a stupid idea, are the phone maker trying to do some april fool joke or Microsoft is just controlling them from a remote area.  Anyway Vlad Savov from was saying:


“The Venue Pro's approach is closer to Samsung's, insofar as you don't have to tear down the phone to stick a new microSD card inside it, but it does expect you to bust through a warranty sticker to get at the port. So it's there and can be used, but the risk will be all yours if you do.” Read more…

Since Microsoft can’t seem to control the hardware much, they are choosing to control the memory card. Now only certain card can be use on the windows phone 7 devices. Here are the list I manage to get from xda-developers:


Confirmed Working(Data remains after soft reset):
Centon 8GB Class 6
Kingston 4GB Class 4
Kingston 8GB Class 4
Kingston 16GB Class 4
Kingston 32GB Class 4
Microcenter 16GB Class 2
SanDisk 8 GB Class 2
SanDisk 16GB Class 2
SanDisk 16 GB Class 4
Currently Unstable/Unsure:
SanDisk 32 GB Class 2
Confirmed Not Working(Data gone after soft reset):
A-Data 4GB Class 6
A-Data 16GB Class 6
Lexar 16GB Class 6
Transcend 8GB Class 6
Transcend 16GB Class 6


Well the guys over at xda-developers are still testing and while at that have a look at what Microsoft said about this issue:

You may experience the following issues if you remove or replace the SD card in a Windows Phone 7 device, or if you add an SD card to a Windows Phone 7 device that has an empty SD card slot.

  • Removing the SD Card: If you remove an SD card that has already been integrated with the phone, the phone displays an error message that tells you to reinsert the SD card. All phone functionality is disabled except for the ability to make emergency calls. The phone will function normally again only if you reinsert the original SD card and then start the phone.
  • Integrating a Phone with a non–Windows Phone 7 Compliant SD Card: If a non–Windows Phone 7 compliant card is integrated with the phone, you might notice the following performance issues when you use your phone:
    • Applications might start more slowly or not at all.
    • Transitions between some application screens might stutter.
    • Some applications might not respond at times.

Source: Microsoft Support

How did I ever miss out reading all this stuff back then I always kept reading during my free time. I will post some more updates on it.

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