Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strange private message in IRC

I thought it was one of those regular spammers on irc now days but then there was no link and well I tried giving a reply and just check it out:


[6:01pm] <YoLtA_R> Hello ... We had been created by human beings mastering biotechnologies .. Want to read about it ?
[6:08pm] <Baboon> ?
—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— Nick: YoLtA_R
> Address: «France»
> Name: YoLtA
> Channels: #manila #malaysia
> Server:, DALnet Atlanta Ga Client Server
> Channels in common with YoLtA_R: #malaysia
[6:08pm] <YoLtA_R> I'm there to share information concerning theories about our origins. Monotheism  & Evolution's theory are based on beliefs  'cause nothing in science can establish that these  théories are correct
[6:08pm] <YoLtA_R> However, the new one considering that we have been created by human beings of a most advanced civilisation mastering biotechnologies (intelligent Design) is enlightened with real facts. Wanna read about it ?
[6:08pm] <Baboon> i see
[6:09pm] <Baboon> yes
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R> ok
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R> As i share this info with all those who care, i copy and paste the essential. Sorry 4 the mechanical feeling :) ... then read if u care about this ...
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R>    
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R> All along our history there are a lot of witnesses of U.F.O. (exoarcheologia) all around the world. Since the '70s, Erich Von Daniken have collected these informations and compiled them in books and movies (source:  AND ..
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R>    
[6:10pm] <YoLtA_R>  Have u ever heard about his work ?
[6:11pm] <Baboon> so I am suppose to open up those two website?
[6:11pm] <Baboon> never heard of them
[6:11pm] <YoLtA_R> u should visit these websites later if u want to m
[6:11pm] <YoLtA_R> lead ur own searches ...
[6:12pm] <Baboon> ah ok
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> For more informations, visit this when we will have finished...
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> One of these actual witnesses are crop circles ( source : ) ...
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> There are important historical bases of these facts : the Bible and Quran are 2 of them. For example, in the original Bible issue from the dead sea manuscripts, the word «god» had never been mentioned but it's talking about Elohim which is a plural form and means literally «Those who came from the sky» (source ) ot (
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> ) ...
[6:12pm] <Baboon> will check on it
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> In Quran too, there are a lot of references to our creators in plural form : Chapter 2 – Al-Baqara : «002.023 - And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Surat like there unto; ...» ... Allah is the derivative word of Eloha which is the singular of Elohim (source : ) ...
[6:12pm] <YoLtA_R> Do u know the real meaning of Apocalypse ?
[6:12pm] <Baboon> nope
—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— Resolved YoLtA_R ( to
[6:13pm] <YoLtA_R> Apocalypse is assimilated in tradition and academical concept as the « end of the world », however, the real meaning is very different ...
[6:13pm] <YoLtA_R> Apocalypse came from the Grecian form Apocalypses which mean revelation. It define the time when our civilisation will be able to understand our origins (for example that Jesus was the son of Mary and Yahweh, a man from a most advanced civilisation : his father from the sky) instead of believing in one or another theory ...
[6:13pm] <YoLtA_R> We r in this important period and our civilisation have the choice to rise in peace and wisdom to meet our creators (the Elohim=those human beings who created us).
[6:13pm] <YoLtA_R> If u feel interested in this topic i can send u more informations. If u agree, plz give me ur e-mail ad and i will send u other references to allow u to search and wonder. Of  course, it's free. Ok ?
[6:14pm] <Baboon> my email?
[6:14pm] <Baboon> .
[6:14pm] <Baboon> testing 1 2 3 4 5
[6:14pm] <YoLtA_R> testing ?
[6:15pm] <Baboon> email
[6:15pm] <YoLtA_R> yes. i suggest u to recieve more infos by maisl if u feel interrested
[6:15pm] <Baboon> what is maisl?
[6:16pm] <YoLtA_R> mail
[6:16pm] <Baboon> ah mail
[6:18pm] <Baboon> i dunno
[6:18pm] <YoLtA_R> up 2 u ..
[6:18pm] <Baboon> i see
[6:18pm] <YoLtA_R> Now u r able to lead ur own wondering and searches...
[6:18pm] <YoLtA_R> Thanx 4 reading. Here some references to allow u to search and wonder about this topic : Evolution's theory mistakes (Essays section at )AND UFO in History : AND About our creation :
[6:18pm] <YoLtA_R> with free e.books to download
[6:18pm] <YoLtA_R> Bye :o)
[6:18pm] <Baboon> ah ok

I guess there are really strange people on this world… not sure if he was using proxy or what but did try doing a online port scan and no open port.. Disappointed smile so he was really from France?

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Anonymous said...

I'm Yolta and i'm really from France .. Anyone can ignore my request if not interretsed, but anyone can read these infos and lead his own searches if he feel interrested. Strange people are not always those we think they are .. I'm like anyone else .. with science and curiosity instead of beliefs .. Cheers : Yolta from France