Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stompin’ Sabah – Afternoon pictures!!

Went to take my ticket around 11.49am this morning from Hafidz Xpax guys xD VIP TICKETS!!!! oh thanks Hafidz if you visited this blog here


Hafidz checking the bloggers list!!!

IMG_0112 IMG_0113
Above Pictures: Hafidz was on the right side as you enter into Jesselton point, you can’t miss him!!


There be about 20 plus bloggers invited and I would say everyone was given enough tickets to invite all their friends and family!! Got to say thanks again to Xpax and Nuffnang for it.

Anyway I manage to take picture of the stage.. actually the whole area of it a sneak preview of the area? :D  Have a look:

IMG_0119 Above Picture: View as you pass the entrance

Above Picture: There are two VIP area and I hope I get the X area.. well maybe it is for celcom customer :|


IMG_0122Above Picture: The left side with all the plastic cover I think is the D.J area there was a indian guy sitting there maybe that was DJ Tony? lol  


IMG_0127IMG_0129 IMG_0125Above Pictures: The stage where they be performing :D

My tickets!!!!!!! :D

They are going to start practicing around 4pm as I asked the workers there. I might go around 5pm or so just to see them practicing and if I am lucky I can ask them question and so on. :D



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