Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally the party was over but what is this?


Well it has been an exciting week for me, got a call from nuffnang informing me about Stompin’ Sabah. Then was given 10 tickets to invite my friends and family, met my ex school mate from All Saints junior actually age does not matter anymore so what is all this Junior and Senior thing about?.

Anyway pretty much the whole weekend was like a dream actually. Now that it is over I am getting like the blue feeling you usually get after accomplishing something and don’t know what to do next?  Getting this kind of feeling now but well got to face reality as I am still alive and got to make a living for myself so meaning I got to work tomorrow which is Monday,

I still got to post some of the videos I recorded, it may not be the best… well nobody sponsored me a camera to begin with. Still saving for a Nikon D90 even if I can afford it I still need to wait till I have some extra more cash in case for emergency :|

Here are the videos:

Jin from Hitz.Fm introducing A Sky Collapse Triangle


A Sky Collapse Triangle Performing, sorry it is not a complete video as the other camera was low on batt :(


The girls who was there were dancing while wicked aura batucada was performing and yes I recorded it.

I still got few more videos to upload but due to the size I got to split 2 or 3 of the video. As it might take days to upload those over 600mb files lol… But fear not I will upload them and yes will posted on this blog once I do it.. I think after a few days maybe.. or weeks… nvm.. just check this blog.

Anyway it has been a great weekend for me and got to say thanks to Nuffnang and X Pax for sponsoring the tickets. It would have been another normal weekend for me if not for them, really appreciated the tickets given to me for Stompin’ Sabah 2010. Thanks a lot guys and hope to get more opportunity like this in the future :)


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