Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Komplex Karamunsing is on!!!

Just when I browsed around and suddenly saw this, story about Karamusing Complex lol. Just few days after I posted about the email I receive on Karamusing Shopping Complex, well already thought this might happen. Anyway Malaysia-Today just posted what they were emailed too and with more details of cause.. here are the contain:


“The owner (Suria Group) of 7, 8 and 9th Floor (staffs) heard cracking sounds inside the building and got worried. Suria then engaged a reg. Professional Engineer Ir. Tsen to carry out an investigation and found (declared) the 3 floors unsafe. This Eng. presented his report to a specially called High Risk Committee by DBKK and below are the confidential minutes.

Yesterday, Joint professional Bodies (IEM, ACEM, SEA and PAM with the support of SLA 'Sabah Law Asso.' called a meeting and have writen a joint letter (signed by 3 professional bodies) addressed to the Mayor of DBKK to express their concern on this report. They are asking the Mayor to inform all other unit owners of Komplex Karamunsing Block C and to carry out a necessary structural check for the whole 3 Blocks which was and is still under massive Extensions and Renovations which caused many public concerns not only to its structural integrity but FIRE safety which even the Bomba Sabah director has expressed concern during his few professional dialogues with professional bodies at Bomba HQ KK. His comments were even quoted in web site.”






Maybe if the mayor did something he would have been headshot or maybe c4’ed? Same goes with the local newspaper owner haha..  But then again Karamusing Complex owner is just being a Malaysian. Where Malaysia Boleh right? we are in Boleh Land so all also can do as long we are in Boleh Land with also by voting UMNO you get to build unsafe structure just like Karamusing Complex and earn MILLIONSSS like the owner did.


Source: - DBKK High Risk on Komplex Karamunsing

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