Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Typical Malaysian

Just like any other Malaysian or I would say majority, they or should I say we would wait till something happen then do something about it. There are limit to such action, because sometimes it is just better to prevent then to cure or fix things up after the incident happen. I open up my regular morning news The Star and saw one of the headlines saying:

Students ‘detained’ on first day of school for unpaid fees

I don’t see anything wrong the student being detained it is much better then not letting them in at all right? The parents didn’t pay their school fee so how will the school pay those teachers? Don’t parents ever think of this? Most people don’t or maybe it is just our culture to do so just like how the Malaysian government are.

Just look at the comment from those parents some said:

“Imagine the distress the students were put under when they were singled out in front of their friends and not allowed to attend lessons on the first day of school,” said one parent.

Then she even got the guts to say this:

“We were only told that we would get a 20% discount if we pay before Nov 30,” she said.

She claimed that parents were never informed about the due date to pay the fees. OMG What kind of idiotic parent is this?? LOL you even need to pay government school fee what else a private school. This kind of people got some kind of thick face or maybe just misplace their brain somewhere because they were already given a discount to pay the fee last year. But no they wait till the school did something finally they are willing to pay.

Well the school was smart enough now to give out penalty for late payment. The parent was shocked of it too lol

“After paying the school fees of her children, aged 12 and 14, the parent was shocked when she was asked to pay an additional 20% as penalty for late payment.”

20% additional penalty for late payment LOL serve you right rich asshole. The private companies in Malaysia should start practicing this against any government project so the government will stop being slow on their payment and be fair to everyone. Not just pay fast to their cronies for some extra pocket money idiots.


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