Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social network users now easy targets for criminals?

“PETALING JAYA: Forget about bringing criminals to book, the crooks are themselves going to the book – Facebook, that is.

Many are targeting Malaysians – via their personal details posted on Facebook.

They are lifting information such as addresses, telephone numbers and even photographs for crimes ranging from drug trafficking to blackmail and sexual harassment.” Read More…

“PETALING JAYA: Crooks are cashing in on personal details readily revealed by some Facebook users and using them in identity frauds, blackmail or to “steal” money from users.

Over-excited online social network users who reveal personal information and accept “friendship” requests from complete strangers have made the site an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals.” Read More…



Was wondering how did those people easily manage to access people email account just by the facebook detail of that person. I have tried it on most of the people I know email and found out most of them would use questions like "Where was my mother born" or maybe "what is my first pet name?" this if it is yahoo or hotmail. If it was Gmail... you can forget about trying to even recover yourself.

So like I said who would post details about where their mom was born or maybe what was their first pet name on their profile? I tried like few days now since it was on the news and found non among my friends or people I email to have posted most of the details for their security password on their facebook or friendster profile. So that would be good news to most of you lol, then again as for me.. er.. hm.. isp mail can be easily recovered? lol

I got a few email which I use regularly and yes a FEWWWW I don’t know why but I think now I got like 6 emails? including a new gmail address which I just registered for near future use. Then again I always download the mails and no I don’t have any nude picture of myself or any of my friends nude picture. I do have some porn pictures then again that would not be good enough to blackmail me hahahaha.

Anyway just want to say it is not impossible to get all the details now days since most people take things for granted and just post every little details of themselves. That is where you see your picture getting posted on sites like GutterUncensored (if you are a girl and hot too lol). So I would say the internet is a scary place. So before you post or update anything on your profile or blog, double check and make sure it has nothing to do with your main account details for the password recover thing.

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