Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dining at Fresco Restaurant & Wine Bar


I guess it is just much better to post about where I dine with Griselda now days. We seem to be going to non common place most of the time now days for fun. Anyway went to this restaurant called Fresco, the atmosphere was nice, quiet and best of all they serve us fast (Most important thing for every restaurant for me of cause).


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You get to choose few kind of dish pricing from RM10+ to RM70+, which means you be spending an average of rm50-70 when you dine there depending on your food and drinks.


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There are two section to dine here, you get a non smoking area and smoking area. Pretty much common now days to have for most place but well I choose to have my dinner outside for the nice cold breeze wind. It just finish raining so why waste your time inside looking at the wall when you can view it all from outside? Anyway that is just my opinion others might have difference point of view.


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It did not take long for our order to arrive (less then 20 minutes or less then 15 minute would be more accurate), no wonder the waitress asked us if we wanted some salad first before having our main food. But I am not a salad person and Griselda could not finish it alone so we didn’t ask for it.

Looking around Fresco with a solo performance from Abing


Usually there is a life band performing on Wednesday and Saturday but for this week they had some problem with the usual performer but the replacement was not bad. More like it was like he just fit in the surrounding there and the concept of this restaurant. So it is a good place to hang out with your partner if you got nothing else to talk about anymore and with a performer around it could be turned into a conversation about how good they are or maybe why are they singing there? lol


Anyway the guy singing name is Abing, he is local and also a friend to Griselda auntie. Not sure if that is how his name is spelled but well it sounds like that haha


DSC00734   map
Click on the image for a better view

The restaurant is open for lunch now days, they are promoting their 10” pizza for lunch with a price of RM15 (Not including 6% government tax and service tax) but you get a free soft drink at your choice too!!. If you wish to have any other inquiry or wish to make a special reservation you can contact them at :

Lot 6, Tanjung Lipat, Jalan
Gaya (Jesselton Point) 88000,
Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088 266 882
Website: (Still under construction)


Look for Danny as he is friendly and yes I got to know about the promotion from him. Also some tips for those who are driving there, go directly to the back of the area as I shown on the map above and park there. Don’t waste your time waiting for a space in front because there might be another 3 or 4 cars doing so.

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