Monday, January 31, 2011

Gaya Street night market

I was at gaya street last saturday night time, went there after attending Aziz second day wedding thing. Anyway the street was colorful and yes main reason of me going there was to take photo. Then again seems like I failed to get any good effect photo but did manage to get a good shot of some girls hahaha


The street was just pack of people visiting the night market bringing their family and spouse. Not only attracting family and couples, but from what I notice.. almost everyone seems to be holding a DSLR. I guess it is really becoming a trend to own 1 now days due to its capability compare to a digital camera.

Anyway spotted a few stalls which was difference from the rest, why? because they are giving out prize!!! yes it was a game stall!!! traditional games as in none game console or anything to do with digital lol


It was a darting game, which is why I never tried it because I don’t know how to dart.


This guy caught the heart of this 3 young girls, I am not too sure if they were interested in the product he was promoting or him.. Then again only the 3 kids stopped to look at him other then me..



Spinning top A.K.A Gasing on a single line thread a battery powered Gasing Surprised smile



There was Mr Huang Poh Lo too our very own Chinese & Shah-Rumi Al-Arabia Calligraphy.
You can check out this Fan Page on Facebook or head to his Blog for any details on him


There was a few good looking girls there and yes me and my camera just had to click on my shutter and took a shot hehe

I was taking photo of the girl with white shirt but the purple one was looking at me lol


DSC_0134 DSC_0143
The hottest girl I saw over the market!! there was another one but… er.. not so clear Sad smile


Digi & TM was there too both were promoting their own product

DSC_0137  DSC_0154
Digi boot was located near the end of gaya street with less crowd, as for streamyx it was located in the market area.

If you guys wish to view more pictures just had over to the photos in my Facebook at Happy Browsing Open-mouthed smile

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