Saturday, January 29, 2011

Karamusing issue on a BIG article front page Daily Express


Daily Express 29/01/2011


Some how it is becoming a political tool or something, this issue is not suppose to discuss if it interest the public or politician or who ever it is. DBKK should be doing their job, not being told what they should do or wait till someone complain or a minister complain. Back then it did not take long for them to issue a notice to get out of the building next to our Padang Merdeka which was declare unsafe and the building is still standing till today. Same goes to our Queen Elizabeth hospital, it was a hot issue and well known too.

Now the public are urging DBKK, Minister too saying the same. What is our Mayor doing? or does he intend to be just like a typical Malaysian wait for something to happen then fix it? if so then should have said it “Lets wait till something happen then I do something about it” on yesterday article.

So again Karamusing Complex Vs 1 Borneo Hypermall? who will win? Karamusing is leading at the moment haha.

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