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Karamusing building not safe?


komplex karamunsing


I just receive a forward email from my friend and well he got it from another guy and the other guy got it from another friend and yes.. ok maybe you guys know what is a forward mail. Anyway rather then wasting my time forwarding it I better just post it up the contain here:


Subject: Fw: KARAMUSING SHOPPING COMPLEX - 7th 8th an 9th floor Block C Tower

Date: Tuesday, 18 January, 2011, 7:47 PM
Dear All,
It was reported by Ir. Benny during the last ACEM excom meeting that there were some issues at the above captioned building/place: The report declared the 3 floors - 7th, 8th and 9th floor, Tower Block C, Karamunsing Shopping Complex as unsafe.
At this point in time, we do not have a copy of the report as it is the property of the client, which is Suria Capital Sdn Bhd (SCHB). It was reported that  SCHB had moved out to Menara Jubilee as a result of the findings.
The user of 7th 8th and 9th floor was Suria Capital Sdn Bhd (SCHB): There were serious vibration reported on the above mentioned 3 floors. SCHB commissioned our fellow Engineer, Ir. Tsen Yin Fui to conduct a structural integrity investigation.
The investigation revealed that the design was proper and adequate except the workmanship during construction. It was reported that the concrete strength was also adequate, however there were deflection as much as 3" or more on all the 3 floors. Certain crucial reinforcement were apparently not in the correct position resulting in very short lever-arm and hence structurally inadequate. With age and the effect of creeps, the deflection can only get worst. The 3 floors were reported to be in a "plastic" stage, and it was declared unsafe.
We were given to understand that DBKK had issue letters to owners of the affected property to carry out investigation on their own properties. I have had a few words with our Vice Chairman Ir. Fung and he reckoned that the property owners especially those who rented out their premises will not comply as it has serious implication on the value of their "investment" and as to who is going to pay for the investigation and so on? This economic consideration is understrandable, but as professionals and in a situation where the public safety/lives is at stake, we cannot be seen to be sitting back and doing nothing.
One obvious thing we must understand is that a sudden collapse of a building will  result in heavy toll on the lost of lives and properties. Subsequently, it is going to have a serious repercussion on the engineering profession.
I suggest we should meet up fast to come up with a recommendation. I am now in KL and be back tomorrow evening. Perhaps we can meet on Sunday?
The Principal / Director
Perunding Menara Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as Perunding Menara HAC Sdn Bhd)
C-4-3A & 5, Tanjung Aru Plaza
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah , Malaysia
T :  +60 88 262 771  | 263 771
F : +60 88 230 771
E :


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Well there are all kind of rumor about Karamusing and its owner. I heard the owner only applied for o.c after finished building up the extension from the main structure. Then the reason why no action was taken because, he is a datuk and vip too more ever he is a close friend to the Mayor. True or not I don’t know so don’t sue me or anything as I didn’t say any of this was true it is up for you to believe it and no name mention too.

Then again it it does not take a engineer to notice all this, even me not a engineer would wonder are those heavily extension renovation safe?

It seems like our money we paid to the income tax which is also paid to DBKK and they are not doing anything. Now this is truly how Malaysia government department is working or like how most people would say “Makan Gaji Buta” while “Goyang Kaki saja”. So like always they wait for something to happen before start doing any action this is truly Malaysia.

Anyway which one would fall first, 1 Borneo hypermall or Kompleks Karamusing? care to bet? hahaha

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