Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gary Ng Arrested –The Straits Times

I guess now I know why are people looking for news about him here is half of the story what has happened to him:
“WHILE he was engaged in sex with different women, the intimate moments were filmed with a video camera hidden in a plastic bag with a slit.
Some women were willing parties for the filming, but others were filmed without their consent.
Chen Guilin, alias Gary Ng, then posted some of the video clips on the Internet with the women's faces masked.
The 28-year-old on Tuesday pleaded guilty to possessing 507 obscene films, of which more than 480 were clips of him having sex with various women.
The items were seized by police from his flat at Yishun Street 22 in June last year. The police also found another person's identity card in his flat.
The former property agent on Tuesday also admitted to seven other offences, including breaking into the home of his client while she was away, forgery and criminal breach of trust.”

So the latest news on Gary Ng is about him getting arrested. Can’t seem to find any other news if anyone do find please post a comment with a link here Thanks.

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