Sunday, January 9, 2011

Government tax increase by 6% now



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By now I guess most of you guys out there who went to fast food outlet would start to notice a 6% government tax. Yes 6% with no news about it on the papers, why? sure lar if everyone saw it on the front page the voters would drop in the next general election and by then there be more parties like “Free Sabah” or maybe “Free Penang” and so on.

I don’t know why can’t the government stop with all the corruption as those UMNO people and their people already made enough money for themselves. Stop with the UMNO melayu thing, stop being such liars, stop with all the bullshit talk. 1 Malaysia? wtf is all this about? should be 1 Melayu alang alang, other races are still being ditch. Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputra? we are like considered second class still in the west. Try applying in a bumiputra company for a job and you understand what I mean if you are from Sabah more ever if you are a non muslim. You get all kind of interview, those people who interview you be Muslim and they even interrogate you for hours just to make you give up or resign if you can’t prove you are a Bumiputra even with a cert.

What did it take to prove it? well just say you are a UMNO member and thinggg (like a zippo light sound) the case is close. You are a Bumiputra in Malaysia. Well my dad experience it and I am just sharing it as a third party story. Anyway the main point is, our government has already fuck up the west so much not to mention with all the Barisan National Project. Just look at Sarawak, Taib is so rich that you even wonder is he a royalty? He has so much business world wide that makes you wonder how did he make so much money when he is so busy.

Look at Mahathir our ex prime minister, his son has all kind of company and also makes you wonder why do all this people are rich. I thought they should be improving the country before improving their lifestyle?

I feel so sad looking at things as it is now, because I can’t really do anything. But if by any chance someone out there in Sabah finally start a revolution, I be in it.

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renaye said...

we got taxed higher because someone is becoming more greedy or someone is becoming 'poorer'. u know what? i was SO livid on 31/12/10 because the bar charged me 6% for my drinks at 10.30 pm. i asked the bartender why why and why ... and he can't answer me and he can't change it because his management has set the price. and i can't pursue this matter because i was invited by the dj of the bar and he gave me free drinks after learning this matter.

RYC: ugh .. u want to see my friend?? i would suggest u not to waste time seeing his face. not lengchai also. ... we r primary friends who have not seen each other for 13 years?

Adriel D.K said...

I guess too much corruption also helped the increase.

Ohhh so it was your school freind haha thought it was some random guy u meeting hahaha