Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google to retain ‘offensive’ contents Jothy's Fish Head Curry restaurant

“KOTA KINABALU: Search engine giant Google has said that it cannot remove Internet contents deemed offensive to a fish head curry restaurant here.

A company spokesman said in a statement that Google’s policy does not allow it to remove contents provided through its searches except for illegal matters such as child pornography among others.

Furthermore, the search results Google provided to users reflected the contents available on the Internet, the spokesman added.

“In these cases or in cases where we are compelled by local or international law to remove content, we make these actions transparent using public, third party sites such as,” the official added.” Read More…


So google has said it, well I too kind of forgot that google don’t really have anything to do with it other then showing up the link leading to the third party site. I don’t understand how could anyone complain with Jothy’s fish head curry, maybe that person was just unlucky on his first time going there. I have been eating there since young and never did have any issue, well basically my whole family would go there on special occasion now days.

Those who go there should try ordering the “nasi briyani” with fish head curry. You still get the side dish with vege  and 4 scope of it, plus maybe some special spices fried chicken…. ok I am getting hungry just talking about it. Anyway if you are in k.k and from west Malaysia you should try going there. The family is from Penang (If I am not mistaken) My mom said so!!! I am just a third party saying what she said!! lol anyway they been around for some time and yes almost everyone know them.

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