Monday, June 27, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim & s.ambiga Arrested at Kuala Lumpur?

I don’t know how true is this but I got this info from IRC:

[12:36am] <mr_incredibble> breaking news!! anwar ibrahim & s.ambiga ditahan di kL.
[12:39am] <mr_incredibble> ditahan under ISA, causing a threat to malaysia
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> he incite people to go riot
[12:40am] <@Baboon> mr_incredibble where did u get the news :O
[12:40am] <badboy2196> see pm u laiu dont wan to answr me
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> from journalist....
[12:40am] Android^Gingerbread «~Heiji@» has Quit iRC  «137 people»
[12:40am] <+YuKieeeee> oh god
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> my fren is a journal with berita harian..he was at the site juz now

General Election coming soon maybe and Anwar be in jail? lol

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